Helping Clients to Develop and Manage Profitable, Industry Leading Growth Initiatives through Sustainable Innovation and Transactional Value Creation
Helping Clients to Develop and Manage Profitable, Industry Leading Growth Initiatives throughSustainable Innovation andTransactional Value Creation

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Responsible Party Column: DERMOT BODEN and KEITH LERNER; Mouthwash Without The Bottle  (July 2002)

Insights on Innovation from a Novartis Leader: Keith Lerner

Selected JaMax Ventures Consulting Clients

Listerine PocketPaks was named one of Time Magazine's best inventions of 2002

Client Type of Company JaMax Ventures Consulting Role

Morton Salt Company

A $1.5B US division of a $6.0B European Global Consumer Products Manufacturer & Marketing Company* Identified entry strategy into several completely new categories/market segments, developed product concepts, led project implementation including 3rd party resourced product development and supply, secured regulatory, clinical and medical resources, vetted consumer/medical advertising agencies, developed budgets & pro-forma P&Ls

Clarus Ventures

US Venture Capital Firm* with  $1.6 billion+ under management  Assignment focused on setting up a new VC funded company organized to transact Risk Share deals with Consumer Healthcare companies for Rx to OTC US and international Switch projects
Confidential $17 billion Consumer Products Company Expert Witness for alleged IP misappropriationlitigation

Heat Genie, Inc. 

Beverage and Food Heated Packaging Technology Company

Managed out-licensing activities and consumer product joint development contract negotiations

NanoBio Corporation

Anti-infective Biopharmaceutical Company Managed out-licensing activities and pharmaceutiucal co-development contract negotiations

AeroDesigns, Inc

Breathable Foods

Branded Nutritional Supplement Product Developed strategy and presentations to secure venture capital funding.

Maxor LLC

Canadian Oral Care Company*
Managed out-licensing activities and consumer product joint development contract negotiations
Johnson & Johnson Consumer healthcare (OTC Company) Rx-OTC Switch Consulting
Licensing Executives Society (LES) USA and Canada Consumer Products Sector Chair, 2014-2017 Create strategies for growing the Consumer Products Sector, present opportunities to the LES Board of Trustees




"I worked closely with Keith for several years while being the legal counsel and Keith being responsible for the alliance management of an important partner, which included tough negotiations. Keith was always very creative in finding solutions to complex issues and never gave up until it was resolved to the satisfaction of both parties as well as senior management. He did a fantastic job in getting alignment internally, which is a true challenge when people are spread across the globe and within different functions. His creative, open and innovative mind contributed highly to the success of the alliance, including the tough negotiations. Keith can always be counted on in doing his utmost to achieve the result and he is one of the most loyal people I’ve worked with."

Kristina Koeck, Director, Corporate Business Development at Danisco and former Legal Director at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare


“Keith brought a tremendous combination of imagination, pragmatism, and statesmanship to building our relationship. I will happily stand as a reference for him.”

Etienne Perold, CEO, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals


“Keith provided an attention to detail and a level of enthusiasm for the Halls brand when providing the global business approach to international Key Account Managers. This information was timely and useful for the managers to apply to the unique situations in each of their different affiliates.”

Spencer Booz, International Sales Development Manager, Warner-Lambert


“Keith has a no-nonsense, focused style, and has a seasoned strategic mind. He is one of the more creative people with whom I've worked in my 27 years in business, and more importantly, is able to make that creativity a reality in the marketplace...consistently. If ever I have the opportunity to work with Keith again, I would welcome the chance to do so. He is as solid a businessman as they come!

Jim Kelly , VP/Business Director, Warner Lambert


"When I worked directly with Keith, it was easy to see how committed he was to being a brand leader who does his homework, sets strategy and follows through with superb execution. He does not look for the easy way out-- he is a true problem-solver who takes deadlines and objectives seriously. One of the areas that set Keith apart from his peers on Rolaids as well as other assignments and in other WL divisions, was his passion for bringing true innovation to market. He worked tirelessly with every functional area and external partners to introduce novel and superior products overcoming resistance, delays, etc. He is the kind of brand ambassador you want on your team and not working with your competition!" 

Ellen Weiss , VP eBusiness, VP Marketing & Sales, Category Director at Warner Lambert


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