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Keith S. Lerner
Managing Director



Business Strategy
New Ventures & Innovation Initiatives
Strategic Marketing Projects
Business Development
Technology and Trademark/Brand in/out Licensing
Mergers, Acquisitions Divestitures
Expert Witness (Licensing or Brand Management)

Brand Experience:
PAIN RELIEF - Tylenol®, Voltaren®, Excedrin®, Ben-Gay®, Mineral Ice®, Mediprin™

NUTRITION, GASTROINTESTINAL & DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Sesame Street® Vitamins & Minerals, Rolaids®, Remegel®, Benefiber®, Maalox®


ORAL CARE - Listerine®, Listerine® Pocket-Paks™, Listerine® Whitening Strips, Certs®, Clorets®, Köldt™, DeeMints®,


WOUND CARE & MEDICATED SKIN CARE- Rogaine®, Neosporin®, Neosporin® Scar Solution™, Neo-to-Go®, Polysporin®, Fenistil®, Lamisil®


SKIN and PERSONAL CARE - Lubriderm®, Keri®, Tensylase™ Therapeutic Skin Care, Schick® Shaving cream, Razors

GOOD FOR YOU CONFECTIONS - Ocean Spray® FruitWaves™


DIAGNOSTICS - ept® Pregnancy Test Kits

UPPER REPIRATORY - Tylenol® Cold, Tylenol® Sinus, Tylenol® Allergy, Zyrtec®, Halls®, Benadryl®, Sudafed®, Vita-C®, Theraflu®, Triaminic®, Pediacare®

EYECARE: Visine®

SMOKING CESSATION - Nicorette®, Nicotinell®, Thrive®, Habitrol®

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